Bears In The City

Bears in the City Podcast #23

January 26th, 2008

The cicadas outside were really loud when we recorded and it has affected the sound on this podcast – there’s not much we can do about it, we’re sorry!

Australia Day
No New Zealand right of recourse today – yay!
Flapsy the Bunny
Our Special Guest, Clinton!
Casey Donovan, Anthony Callea’s outing, and the first Australian Idol Concert
Clinton’s Big Brother, and Peter S getting auditioned for the Big Brother House
Bindi’s Single going down, down, down
Corey Delaney and Today Tonight’s crappy Journalism
Health Ledger
Westboro Baptist Church picketing Heath’s memorials
Movies: I am Legend, Cloverfield
More Bear Profiles: Phantom Logging on Bear411, and people using photos from 20 years earlier on their profiles
Podcast #2 again
Dannii Minogue and collagen injections
Going out the very first time on the gay scene (the letter from Cliff, the “scene virgin”)
Margaret Cho, Pam Ann
Bear Essentials
Presents from Craige!
Farewell to Jim Daniel, and Russ (RockBear)
Seumas in Brisbane – podcasting with Julian in March!

HOSTS: Seumas, John, Craige and Clinton (special guest)

4 Responses to “Bears in the City Podcast #23”

  1. J.J.

    Dear Guys:

    Hi guys. Just finnished listening to Pod Cast # 23 & you all made my day! I love your rendition of the Australia Day Song! Love all the chatting & the passing of useful information of all the sorts between all of you! I love your accents you guys have! I could listen to you guys all day long recite the dictionary!

    Again, you Bears In The City rock. Can’t wait till the next Pod Cast……


    J.J. McGuire

    San Francisco, CA

  2. brad

    Clinton was fabulous as usual.

    I really enjoy when there’s guest bears, there’s an added spark.

    We want to see the cups! and the retouched pics of Craige. Show us what Greg did to the picture, too.

  3. johni

    Hi guys,
    Fantastic as usual (esp Clinton.. what a honey)
    We want more Clinton, We want more Clinton !!! (sorry Dom he told me to say that)
    Must buy you all drinks @ bears one night to say thanks for all the laughs, You guys gladden my heart.
    Big Bear Hugs to you all

  4. Stan

    You guys are great – brings a smile to my face just to hear you. I agree with the JJ – I could listen to you guys chat for hours (actually, I have since I’m making my way backward through all the podcast)
    Keep it up

    Hugs from one of your Atlanta fans


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