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The Vancubz T-Shirts

August 5th, 2009

As promised in podcast #59, we were going to take photos of us in the Vancubz T-Shirts that Ron in Vancouver sent us!

The Bears in the City Vancubz T-Shirts

The Bears in the City Vancubz T-Shirts

7 Responses to “The Vancubz T-Shirts”

  1. clinton

    is it just me or do i look exactly the same in both pics.
    It is like you are all posing with a wax statue and just put glasses on me in one of the pics.

  2. PJ

    the shirts look awesome guys and yes Clinton you have perfected your photoshoot pose and ya do look exactly the same hahaha LOL just like a manaquin

  3. Randy S

    Oh, Clinton, you certainly accessorize well! The scarf worked with your pose – and it didn’t move! Fabulous!

  4. clinton

    i am America’s Next Top Model. Notice how i smile with my eyes. Totally FEIRCE

  5. Redzwan Nizar

    Hey guys,
    Those shirts suit all of you well. Smart and handsome!

    Hugs from Redzwan (Malaysia).

  6. phillip

    i don’t which of you is the hottest! love the shirts, SO gay but oh SO hot! the only thing hotter than seeing you
    with them on would be seeing you with them off! :-)

  7. Mike

    Clinton, its clear you are the only model in the group. Standing at an angle and the scarf just make the other boys
    look like amateurs. You’re the only Super Model in the group. :-)

    I hope you boys make it to Bear week in Ptown. It is a great event and the guys will eat you up.

    Mike (Boston)

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